Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our "Almost" Readers

This week, Late Blooming Dad had two amazing moments with the kids.  The first one was when he went to pick up the kids from school because I couldn't, and happened upon the Girl's kindergarten teacher sitting alone with her, reading a book with her.  The teacher motioned dad to wait a few moments till they finished; then she excitedly gushed, "She's so close!"  Yes, the girl is about to become a reader.  And this excitement came from the school's most veteran teacher, who has certainly seen this happen hundreds of times.  Late Blooming Dad was thrilled.

The second moment came with the Boy. 
His kindergarten teacher had sent home a homework game involving flashcards -- half a dozen or so words the Boy will be tested on in a couple of weeks.  Every card dad flashed, in different order, over several tries, the Boy recognized; he knew each word by sight.  Late Blooming Dad was teary-eyed.

When I picked the kids up on Friday and said we were going to the school's Book Fair, they broke into a run to get there.  I had to limit them to three books each.

Yesterday, the Boy was insistent on a trip to the "liberry."

So we are on the cusp, my friends. 

It's going to be a whole new world around here soon.

One of nights in the not too far distant future, I'm going to have to tell each of them, "Turn off your flashlights and go to bed already!"  "Just five more minutes!" they'll beg.  Because they can't wait to find out ... how will Alice get back up the rabbit hole?  Will the Grinch actually steal Christmas?  Is Severus Snape a good guy or a bad guy?   Will Frodo destroy the rings?  And a million other questions that simply MUST be answered.

I can hardly wait.


Alex said...

So. Very. Cool! :)

Elizannie said...

I loved re-reading childhood favourite books with my children and now it is happening all over again with my grandchildren! Still top of my bill: Winnie-the-Pooh! I still categorise people as 'Tiggers' or 'Eeyores' etc! And watching children enjoying reading is, I agree, a miracle....

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhh..... how wonderful.


Brownie said...

Just saying "hi" since I popped in from seeing your review on the Skirball Cultural Center. I am planning a trip to LA and was looking for things to do (other than the usual). I was debating about which to choose and your comments convinced me - we are GOING there!

btw- I'm also an older than average mom - I'm 52 and I have a 13 yr old and a 5 yr old.

Gentle Reader said...

It's a miracle, isn't it? Amazing stuff! We had an amazing time in Paris, btw. Took your advice :)

Judy N. said...

Yes, your children becoming readers is so cool! I love listening to my son read to of my favorite things! Enjoy!