Thursday, February 4, 2010

Naked Time

Five-year-olds love to be naked.

At our house, naked time is right before the bath.

Tonight, soon as the the kids had torn off their clothes and scattered them on their bedroom floor, they paraded into the dining room wiggling their rears at us. It was "booty-shakin' time." The girl cracked herself up after pronouncing the new word of the night: "Bootypenisvaginabootybutt."

Then she ran off cackling in the direction of the bathroom.

Her brother got in on the act too, racing into the dining room with his male parts wiggling, turning around for a booty shake of his own, and then tearing off after his sister.

I did manage to explain, at some point between laughs, that these words are not words to say at school -- just at home with family. So I contented myself that I had performed my parental duty, and then let them just enjoy the silliness of naked time.

It's going to pass all too fast, I know. First they won't want brother or sister to see them naked; then it'll be mom and dad. Before I know it, they'll be using underarm deodorant and shaving. I'll have a couple of broody teenagers too obsessed with their appearances and too embarrassed to ever be naked in front of me again. Their cute little naked selves parading around the house with peach-like tushies will be but a distant memory.

So for now, I let 'em indulge in naked time, and watch as they giggle, delighting in doing what my daughter joyously refers to as "shakin' what your mama gave ya."


Sarah Auerswald said...

Naked time is always hilarious! And the "words deemed inappropriate for school" list keeps GROWING as they get older!

Late Blooming Mom said...

Thanks Sarah, and thanks for plugging the blog on the Open Daily! My friend Natalie has already listed one event and may have more to come. ..

William V. Madison said...

And interestingly enough, it's the title of one of my favorite Star Trek episodes....